A 50m twin lane giant street slide!  This is a monster of an activity and provides lots of fun, and two lanes mean it can cope with lots of people.  All you need is a slope with a decent gradient.

Made from industrial strength PVC the Street Slide is rolled out at the venue and has several 1.5 hp blowers to keep the slide inflated. We also weight the Street Slide down with sand bags and lay a rubber mat floor  thereby ensuring a smooth ride, and minimising any bumps and ridges on the surface.

The Street Slide is made super slidey by a soapy water mixture that allows the sliders to gracefully glide down the course. People can bring their own mode of transport i.e. rubber ring, lilo, giant shark – basically whatever makes you laugh!

Minimum age: 5 years old



Capacity: 190 people/hour

Site requirement

  • Must be sited on a steep slope
  • Space requirement: 60m x 6m
  • Height requirement: 3m


  • Water supply (not essential)
  • Power supply (16amp or 13amp) – however if required we can bring our own generator

Fencing if not set up on grass. (We can supply fencing if it is set up on grass)

Vehicle access: LWB van

Set up time: 90 minutes

Breakdown time: 60 minutes

Minimum particpant height: 0.8m

Minimum participant age: 5 years

The hirer should organise volunteer marshals