Spider Mountain

Spider Mountain is a climbing activity offering a physical challenge and plenty of fun! Compact and eye-catching it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor events, making it ideal for fun days, children’s parties and promotional events.  In fact Spider Mountain is one of our most popular activities. It’s a hot favourite with children and adults and is a guaranteed crowd-puller.

To reach the top of Spider Mountain you have to climb and crawl up through a maze of seven elasticated spiders’ webs . When you get to the top you’re 7m up, and the fastest – and most exhilarating – way down is by the vertical drop slide.

There is no need for helmets or harnesses with this activity.  Adult supervision is required at all times.


Can be set up outdoors or indoors

Height of activity: 7m (24’) high

Minimum floor area required: 4m wide x 16m long

Set up time: 10 minutes

Requires one operator

Power requirement: yes – for the inflatable slide. We can provide a generator.

Maximum of 8 climbers at any one time

Minimum user’s height 1.0m (3’3″)

Maximum user’s weight 120kgs (18 Stone)

Capacity 120 per hour