The Segway™ Human Transporter is a self-balancing, personal transportation device designed to go anywhere people do.

Riding a Segway is a unique and thrilling experience. Easy to use and operate, the two-wheeled Segway sports high-tech gyroscopes that automatically respond to body movements, “sensing” when it should speed up and slow down.

Not only are they simple to master, but they are capable of turning on a sixpence and giving you an exciting ride which will make you want one of your own.

Riders stand on a small platform between left and right wheels and hold onto the handlebars at a comfortable waist height. The Segway handles the balancing so that riders are always upright as they glide through any environment.

Your experience will start with you getting kitted out in safety gear before having a safety briefing and instruction on how to ride your segways.  Then it’s off onto the track where you will tackle varied terrain and get the chance to really put the through their paces.

Our Segway obstacle course and relay race require a strategy, excellent communication and collaboration to achieve a win. Ideally suited to corporate clients, this Segway activity brings down workplace barriers. Segways are a great way to bring a team closer together.

We hire Segway for corporate events and personal use all throughout the UK. We have a fleet of Segways for hire for all types of events.

There’s no doubt that the Segway is a cool bit of kit and has a high visual impact. People just can’t help but stare when they see people rent Segways.

We provide training and all the safety gear for Segway hire.


Segway Obstacle Course

Segway Race

Segway Rally Stage (venue dependant)

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Capacity: 30 people/hour

Minimum area required: 15m x 10m, must be on grass

Services required: n/a

Vehicle access requirement: LWB van

Set up time: 30 minutes

Breakdown time: 20 minutes

Participant restrictions: Minimum age 12 years