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The Vortex - New for 2020

A fast-paced game for 2 players, The Vortex is an inflatable arena where players have less than a minute to compete against each other to put out the most lights and win.

Lights fitted into the inflatable’s wall flash in a random sequence, and need to be punched to go out – each light extinguished means points for that player, or team.

The Vortex is an extreme version of the bleep test – great fun for team games, experiential campaigns and team building activities.

Key Facts:

Capacity: Up to 100/people per hour, depending on age of the participants.

Participant minimum height requirement: 1.2m

Area required: 10m x 10m

Venue: Can be used outdoors but must be sited on grass.

Set up time required: 30 minutes

Power supply: Extreme Adventure supply a generator or client’s own supply

Vehicle access requirement: LWB or Luton van

Staffing requirement: Extreme Adventure provides 1 member of staff to set up and supervise the equipment

Vortex in Action
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