Mobile High Ropes Courses

Our Mobile High Ropes Course can be constructed with up to 11 separate elements, or challenges, meaning you are able to design your own course to suit your requirements. As well as being a popular attraction at outdoor events Mobile High Ropes can be used indoors, e.g. in a school gym or sports centre, making them a year-round option for any kind of event.

The course can take 10 participants at any one time. It can be sited indoors or outdoors.

Your safety – our number one priority

The participant’s harness is always attached to an overhead Sky Rail that follows the course. There is no need to keep clipping and unclipping between elements, so the risk of falling from the course is removed.

Before starting on the course the participant is kitted out with a helmet and harness.  They are given a detailed safety briefing before the harness is clipped on to the course.





Floor area required: 15m wide by 15m long

Overall height: 6m (19.5 ’)

Minimum height requirement (for indoor use): 6.5m headroom

Platform height: 4m

Set up time: 2 ½ hours

Take down time: 1 hour

Staff: Minimum of two Instructors

Minimum individual particpant’s height: 1.1m (3’ 8”)

Maximum individual participant’s weight: 120kgs (19 Stone)

Capacity: 10 participants can be accommodated on the Course at any one time

All helmets and harnesses are supplied

All equipment conforms to standards set out by the European High Ropes Association.

All of our safety equipment (harnesses, Carabiners, Clips and Helmets) are CE approved standard.

Our Mobile High Ropes Course has an up to date ADIPS Safety Certificate