The Mobile Climbing Wall is over 5m tall and made of shatter resistant extra thick Perspex. Both sides of the wall are identical, allowing two climbers to take the same route or use the same holds, whilst still being able to see where the other climber is.

The unusual design of our Mobile Climbing Wall means that a head to head challenge between two climbers is possible.  The fact that they can see their opponent’s progress adds an extra element of competition.

Once the climbers get to the top they tap their buzzer at the top of the mobile Climbing wall, however only the buzzer of the climber that gets to the top first will buzz. The climbers can then use the auto belay to get back down to earth.

Before attempting the Mobile Climbing Wall the climbers are harnessed up and attached to an auto belay. This allows the climber to climb the mobile climbing wall in absolute safety.  Should the climber fall from the wall then the auto belay will automatically return them gently back to earth.


Mobile Climbing Wall

Suitable for outdoor and indoor events

Capacity 60 people per hour

Space Requirement:  6m x 6m wide

Minimum Height Requirement: 6m

Services required: n/a

Access required: 4×4 vehicle with trailer

Set up time: 30 minutes

Breakdown time: 30 minutes

Minimum Particpant height requirement: 1.1m

Maximum participant weight limit: 110kg