One of our most exciting new additions:  This activity was a great hit when we launched it last year.  Our Looping Bikes are the only equipment of this type available for hire in the UK.

What are Looping Bikes?

Riding the Looping Bikes is real adrenaline rush, as you need to be able to overcome your fears to keep pedalling and turn your bike through a full 360 degrees. This is not a test of strength: Each of the Looping Bike has a special gearing system that allows you to cycle through the upside down position with same power you would need to cycle along a flat road. It’s more about holding your nerve and overcoming the weird sensation of being upside down on a bike!

Looping Bikes are a great idea for head to head challenges because we have two bikes side by side,  so you can run a competition to see who can complete the most loops in one minute.  Or, just do it for fun – either way it’s as much fun for spectators as it is for the challengers!



Capacity: 60 persons/per hour

Minimum height requirement  for activity: 8m

Space requirement:  10m  x 10m wide.

Set up time:   30 minutes

Breakdown time: 30 minutes

Minimum particpant height: 1.5m

Maximum participant weight: 17okg

Vehicle access requirement: 4×4 vehicle + trailer

Services required: n/a