Land Zorbs


Great Fun for All Ages!

Land Zorbing is great fun for all ages.  After all, what’s not to like about rolling around in a giant ball?!  Our zorbs are one of the most popular activities in our range.  They offer a combination of safe fun with adrenaline-filled excitement, making them a sure-fire hit at any event.

Once inside the large inflatable Zorbs, participants negotiate our  inflatable course, propelling their Zorb by moving their body weight to make the ball roll in their chosen direction. It’s not as easy as it sounds!   Our inflatable course is wide enough to allow participants to race round against each other – so it’s a great activity for a fun day, team building activity or competition.

The Zorb is made of two sections: The inner section is made from plastic and has hand straps for you to hold onto while you’re riding it. There is an air gap to provide cushioning, and then another layer of tough but flexible plastic on the outside. Even though you’re encased inside two layers of plastic, the construction of the Zorb allows for air and light to enter.

On a standard hire we supply 3 Land Zorbs.

Please note we only supply the Zorbs with the inflatable course, and  for use on a level, grassed surface. They cannot be used on water.

Key Facts:

Outdoor activity: Must be sited on grass, on flat ground

Area required: 15m x 10m

Services required: none

Set up time: 60 minutes

Vehicle access required: LWB van

Participant’s minimum height: 0.9m

Participant’s maximum weight: 120kg

Zorbs in Action
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