If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to jump out of a plane and fall through the air the Free Fall Stunt Bag is the activity for you!

One of our most popular activities, the Stunt Bag has been used for fun days, corporate events and experiential marketing campaigns. The tower and bag can be easily branded to suit your campaign.

It’s super safe! After impact the bag re-inflates in seconds to ensure a safe landing time after time.  Participants  don’t require a safety harness – they just climb up and jump off, meaning the activity can handle up to 100 people per hour.

We always advise people to jump facing forwards and land on their backs.

The Free Fall Stunt Bag experience is suitable for a wide range of participants (please refer to the Key Facts). Everyone can do it, and everyone will have a blast doing it!

The stunt bag is great for building confidence as well as producing massive amounts of adrenaline, and is just as much fun to watch from the ground.

This extreme activity comes complete with tower, fencing and staff.

How does it work ?

Until now air bag technology has used the same principles as a Bouncy Castle, but with a pressure release – normally in the form of Velcro flaps and a shock cord that rips open upon impact.

The Zero Shock Free Fall Stunt Bag is different: The surface sheet of the air bag  ‘floats’ on top of a series of cylindrical tubes. When a body lands on the surface sheet only a small amount of air within the tubes is expelled into the base bag below. This means that limbs are indented into the surface of the bag far more safely and unlike other bag designs there is no risk of bouncing off the bag on landing. This design also allows the bag to recover quickly for the next jumper, as there is not a large escape of air.




Capacity: 100 people/hour (depending on age of participants)

Space required: 13m x 10m (reasonably flat ground)

Height of tower: 5m

Services required: n/a

Set up time: 60 minutes

Break down time: 90 minutes

Vehicle access requirement: Luton van

Participant’s minimum height: 1.3m (10 years of age, approx.)

Participant’s maximum weight: 120kg