How quickly can you change a wheel on your car?  How about an F1 wheel? The F1 Pit Stop Challenge is your chance to test your skills under pressure as you scramble to work alone, or with your team, to get the wheel swapped as quickly as possible.

We’ve all watched amazed as the F1 pit crews work together during a race to fit tyres in a matter of seconds: this is your chance to experience the heat of the pit lane action.   We use original Formula 1 parts in our F1 Pit Stop Challenge. The activity comprises of two original F1 rims and tyres that have actually raced a Grand Prix, so it’s the closest thing you’ll experience to being trackside at Monaco or Silverstone.

The whole activity is easy and quick to set up, and can work as a stand-alone activity or part of a programme of team building or entertainment activities.

All the components for our F1 Pit Stop Challenge are genuine  have been sourced from Lotus F1 Racing.  There is an F1 centre nut to hold the wheel onto its fabricated chassis. As the rims and tyres are real racing parts they only weight 8kg each.  With a digital timer, two rechargeable wrench guns and a trained member of staff to supervise the challenge, this simple test of speed and dexterity is sure to bring out the competitive edge in anyone and everyone!



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60 participants/hour

Space required: 3m x 3m

Vehicle access requirement: LWB van

Requires electrical power supply

Set up time: 30 minutes

Minimum age requirement: 10 years of age