Extreme Adventure Zone

We have now put our exciting activities together to create a mobile Extreme Adventure Zone.

This is the first mobile “Adventure Zone” of its kind anywhere in the UK and Europe.

“We bring the adventure to you”


Create a totally unique visitor experience for your event.

Our team has created an Adventure Zone with lots of exciting and unique activities that are both new and thrilling. The activities get your visitors and clients engaged & involved whilst also offering thrilling spectator entertainment to those not taking part.

The Zone can be set out over a 30 x 30 metre area which can be made larger if you wish to sell food and drink concessions within the area. The throughput is approximately 400 participants an hour when run at its maximum capacity.


The activities that make up the Zone are any combination of the following activities:

Speed Challenges

We can hold daily speed challenges on some of the activities. We can timetable these challenges at specific times to suit your requirement. We will then display the top ten times shown on the Challenge Board at the Zone Reception.

The Speed Challenges would be the following activities Spider Man Wall,  Spider Mountain and Slide & Scramble Net Challenge

This would be accompanied by commentary and a prize giving session at the end of the day. This provides excellent coverage of your event in the press and adds atmosphere.

The entrants for the challenges could be selected only for those with pre booked tickets allowing you to create extra pre-event bookings.

Funding Options

We charge a fee the Event Organisers for our Extreme Adventure Zone to be at the event. The price is based on the number of days and the activities that you wish to be included. Our pricing is totally  transparent, we quote one price with no nasty extras added on at the end.

You can fund this by using some of the following ideas:



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