Great fun for children and adults, Cannon Ball Blaster  is fast and furious … It’s like paintball but without the bruises, and the mess!  Participants shoot at each other with  soft, foam balls – the aim of the game is to get the most balls into your opponents’ net targets, located on top of their cannon ball blaster guns.

The Cannon Ball Blaster action takes place inside an inflatable arena.  Pairs of players compete each other, to get the most balls in their opponents’ nets.  The guns fire rapidly, so you have to work as a team to aim, shoot and reload to keep up the pressure.  The bucket of balls soon runs out, so there’s a mad scramble to keep the ammunition going.

We supply the arena, two pairs of Cannon Ball Blaster guns and 100 foam balls and play can be managed by our referee.  To add a bit more pressure Cannon Ball Blaster can be played against a countdown clock – making it perfect for team building events.




Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor events

Capacity: 50 people/hour

Floor space required: 5m x 3m

Maximum height of activity: 2.5m

Vehicle access requirement: LWB van

Power: Electrical power

Set up time: 20 minues

Take down time: 20 minutes

Participant restrictions (height, weight, age): None