Archery is a fun and interactive activity, perfect for groups of all ages, and ideal for team building, corporate days and fun events.   Hover Archery adds another dimension.. floating targets!

The target is a row of balls that hover thanks to jets of air which hold the them at a constant height.   Hover Archery is ideal for an individual challenge or a team competition.

Hover Archery is completely safe, as it’s played with foam-tipped arrows.  The ‘range’ is an inflatable, and is completely self-contained – so there’s no risk of stray arrows!    It can be used as an indoor or outdoor activity, all it needs is a space of 4m x 6m and one plug socket.  It’s quick to set up but will provide hours of fun!



Hover Archery

Capacity: 40 people/hour

Floor space required: 5m x 3m

Height of activity: 2m

Power requirement: Electrical supply

Vehicle access requirement: LWB van

Set up time: 20 minutes

Breakdown time: 20 minutes