Becoming an Apprentice at Extreme Adventure
Funky Planet Slime Tunnels
Follow the adventures of our new marketing apprentice Lucie as she settles into life at Extreme Adventure.

My name is Lucie Aitken and I have recently joined the amazing team at Extreme Adventure as an apprentice. I’ve always had a creative background and a love for social media, including how much it can benefit a business. I then started to help my Dad with his business by keeping on top of his social media for his sports lighting company. Doing this encouraged me to learn more about and it helped me see the power of social media through engagement and lead.

Funky Planet Slime Tunnels

Past experience

I studied Art and Design in college which helped me improve my creative thinking and gain independence. When I left, I planned to not go to University, this is because I wanted to start a job as soon as I could. I thought I’d look into doing Digital Marketing, and shortly after doing lots of research and looking for jobs, I realised that doing an apprenticeship would be perfect for me! I could earn while learning and working alongside experienced staff, as well as the bonus of it being practical.   

Hit the ground running

In February 2020, I successfully got myself the role of a digital marketing apprentice at Extreme Adventure. However, when I did start my job here the Covid-19 pandemic hit, this unfortunately meant I had to pause work. I worked in the office for 3 days before having to move all my equipment from the office to continue working from home. This went on for about a week until we were told we were all being put on furlough leave. This is because we are an events company and knew we had no other choice. Throughout this, the team and I managed to stay in touch all through lockdown. We did this via WhatsApp messenger and also had video calls every week to socialise and keep in touch. This helped me to get to know the team better and for them to get to know me.

As I wasn’t able to work for the company, I used that time to complete digital marketing courses and classes. These were modules for my apprenticeship linked with my college called Escalla.

Settling in

I also got myself familiar with the company’s event packages which are called Bubble Rush, Funky Planet, and Frosty 5K. One of our newest events and was due to take place last summer was Funky Planet. But sadly we were unable to do this because of Government restrictions on events. Funky Planet is described as more than just an obstacle course, its colourful, its gungey, foamy and just a bit out of this world! Participants entering Funky Planet would experience four different zones which were created by crazy giant inflatable obstacle courses. This would include a powder paint explosion, next a slime-tastic mess, then to be hosed down with masses amount of water, and lastly, you finish off with foam. When lockdown measures did start to ease, we took the opportunity to test out some of the kit that we were meant to be used this summer.

Training to have fun

Funky Planet group shot

There were a few occasions where we had to reschedule the test run due to high winds and heavy rain. We looked at the weather forecast over the week and picked a reportedly hot sunny day and invited the crew down. I also brought a couple of friends that are part of my social bubble to join in as well. We took this opportunity to hired a professional photographer and videographer in order to create impressive content for our social. It was interesting working with these types of professionals and was a new experience for me. We were asked to pose for some shots and others to be taken naturally and in the moment.

Doing this also helped me gain awareness of framing shots, working with natural lighting, and also applying different angles. In this run, we managed to included waves of foam and oodles of powder paint to experience the full Funky Planet trip! When I came into this job, I was not expecting to get my hands dirty in this sort of way! However, I was not complaining. When the course was over, it’s safe to say that we all looked like walking rainbow bubbles. Being involved in the test run was a thrilling experience and gave me a first insight into what the company is about, it was definitely the highlight of mine and my friend’s lockdown.

The new normal

As everyone starts to adjust to the new normal and returning to work, I am so glad to be returning back to the office to start where I left off so suddenly. I have now taken on new daily jobs and one of them is checking the social channels. for the various events every morning to filter through notifications and messages that may need answering. I’m also excited to show my creative side for the upcoming projects we have planned. I’ve also taken on a project to create blogs for the website about my journey as an apprentice here. A now that I’m finally back, I’m ready to see what is thrown my way!

Funky Planet Washing Machine Obstacle

If you’d like to continue following my apprenticeship journey as a Extreme Adventure apprentice, you can read my blog here.

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